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7-Channel FM Modulator Multi-Channel PLL Synthesizer
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MobileSpec / BASIC Item #: MS-100 -

    Bluetooth Enabled FM Transmitter for Apple Devices
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    PAC Item #: ISFM22 -

      FM Modulator Wired Version
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      Metra Item #: 44FMMOD03 -

        MobileSpec, iPod/ iPhone FM Transmitter/ Charger MSIF30, FM, Transmitter, Charger, iPod, iPhone, Connection, Vehicle, Stereo, System,
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        MobileSpec Item #: MSIF-30 -

          FM Transmitter Transmits Audio for Your iPod/iPhone from Vehicle Stereo. Digital PLL Locks In Frequency from Your Car Stereo. Blue LCD Display. Output: 88.1-107.9MHz (0.1MHz Steps). 12-Volt Power Adapter will Transmit and Charge Devices at the Same Time.