Hello Truckers & Time Travelers!

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Greetings, and welcome to my first website blog post. 

I honestly waited to write anything because business blog posts have a tendency to sound like stuffy old sales pitches dressed up as "content", but are really just written in auto-pilot for the likes of Google search engine spiders. Keyword, keyword, blah, blah, keyword, yada, yada.

That's not what you'll find here. Nope!

If I post a blog story, it will be written to entertain and inform. Obviously I'll steer clear of the usually taboo subjects that a business page ought not weigh in on, mainly because I'm right and don't feel the need to argue. ;) But I will delve into the unusual, the extreme, and the undiscovered as it relates to trucking, traveling, or genuine coolness. If you like a blog that has the open road at heart, and doesn't re-tread tired old routes, then you want to follow my blog! We've been posting some really crazy and wild stuff on our multiple Facebook pages. Check them out if your into the following:

Designed for Truckers & Time Travelers.

That's us in a nutshell. We celebrate the American trucker & travel culture. Whether you're a long-haul driver, commuter, tailgater, RV enthusiast, installer, or enthusiast, we have a very specific place for you here! 

So, with that in mind, I'll wrap this up. I encourage you to leave feedback, and more than anything else, I want you to know this is a two-way street. We're not a big impersonal wall of a website, we're down to Earth folks who know that it's truckers that keep America moving forward, as well as all the other travelers who hit the highway every day! We're all in this together, and share the same road. Thanks for visiting. More to come soon!


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