A Right Turn at Albuquerque

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Sometime a fork in the road is a call to action. And let's face it, we all need a little direction in our lives. At least that's my thinking. 

So, where do we go from here?  Recalculating...

 Just kidding. Many drivers don't need a GPS at all. They're happy to tool around town, never venturing out further than the familiar roads of their hometown. But for a professional driver, that's not how we roll.

A professional driver needs to constantly keep in touch with an ever-changing road map. We all know that big cities are in an endless state of active construction zones, and new traffic patterns. Never mind that entire neighborhoods and developments are popping up faster than families can multiply to fill them. 

In the olden days, we traveled with hard copies of printed maps that stayed tucked away in seat backs until you traded the vehicle in. But not in today's world where the Information Superhighway is always running parallel to the road you're driving on. And outdated maps are a thing of the past!

But that doesn't solve everything. Not every driver needs the same info, and depending on your GPS unit, you may be missing some critical data! For instance: A commuter doesn't care about weigh stations, truck stops, or OTR hours, but a trucker does! So, don't chance hitting the road with a commuter-grade GPS navigation system when what you really need is a Truck GPS navigation system.

These industry-specific nav units will tell you those key data points, such as truck inspection checkpoints, weigh stations, and other driver alerts that truckers need to know. And the good news is that you don't need to spend more that you would on a commuter-grade GPS!

In fact, we have a blowout on factory refurbished ALK PC*Miler 450 Truck GPS units that are on sale for only $77.99 shipped! And, at the other end of the spectrum, we've got the Rand McNally 720 competitively priced at $699.99 too, with all the navigational offerings in between!

Any trucker will tell you: A good trucker GPS, dash cam, radar detector, CB radio, and a well kept log book are tools of the trade for today's truckers. Don't hit the road without any one of them!


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